Although some of our ingredients are, inevitably, sourced from far-away places we try to buy many of the main ingredients from the UK, the South West and Devon in particular. This way we go some way to reducing our carbon footprint while the food we prepare uses fresher ingredients from known sources. We believe that, where possible, the food that we eat should use ingredients that are locally sourced, supporting local farmers and businesses, grown as naturally as possible, are to high welfare standards or free range, and, of course, wholesome and tasty! At the time of printing we are using the following ingredients, specially sourced 1. We use Rapeseed Oil from Fussels Fine Foods of Somerset for our stir fries. Straight from the farm – Fussels Rapeseed Oil is high in monounsaturated fats and is, therefore, much more stable at high temperatures than many other vegetable oils, like sunflower oil. It is also GMO free. 2. Our eggs are free range and come from Devon Farms. 3. The meat we use is naturally reared, free range and/or organic where possible. Examples of suppliers: a. Otter Valley Poultry, Spurtham Farm, Upottery, Honiton, Devon. (Free Range Chicken) b. Devon Rose, Gatcombe Farm, Seaton, Devon (Free Range Pork, and Beef)