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Thai Sets

The Jasmine

Chicken Green Curry,  Pork Belly Kra Paow, Chicken Satay and Jasmine Rice

‎£ 12.95

The Lux

Beef Massaman Curry, Duck Stir Fried with Ginger, Fried Wonton and Jasmine Rice

‎£ 13.95

The Islander

Prawn Green Curry, Squid Stir Fried with Ginger, Thai Fish Cakes and Jasmine Rice

‎£ 12.95

The Fiery

Prawn Red Curry, Beef Kra Paow, Mushroom Tom Yum and Jasmine Rice

‎£ 12.95

The Vegan

Tofu Red Curry, Mixed Vegetable Kra Paow, Thai Spring Rolls and Jasmine Rice

‎£ 11.95


INDIVIDUALLY PRICED or 3 FOR £12.50 or 6 FOR £25.00

1. Fried King Prawns

Deep fried king prawns wrapped in pastry sheets

‎£ 4.95

2. Thai Fish Cakes

Thai fish cake with red curry paste and galangal

‎£ 4.75

3. Fried Wonton

Deep fried wonton dumplings filled with minced prawn & pork

‎£ 4.75

4. Prawn Toast

Sesame prawns on toast (contains pork)

‎£ 4.75

5. Thai Hot Wings

Chicken wings with a spicy chilli and coriander sticky sauce

‎£ 4.95

6. Steamed Wonton

Steamed Thai wonton dumplings filled with minced prawn and pork

‎£ 4.75

7. Chicken Satay

Marinated Devon Free Range Chicken grilled on skewers served with a separate peanut sauce

‎£ 4.95

9. Thai Spring Rolls

Thai spring rolls with glass noodles and vegetables wrapped in pastry sheets

‎£ 4.55

10. Tempura

Various vegetables deep fried in a light Thai style batter

‎£ 3.95

11. Thai Sweetcorn Fritters

Deep fried sweetcorn fritters made with red curry paste

‎£ 4.55

13. Deep Fried Tofu

Thai crispy fried tofu with a plum dipping sauce with fresh lime and ground peanuts with or without chilli

‎£ 4.95